Use this calculator to predict your return on invesment working with a company with over 140 clients in the home improvement sector and £5 million in advertising spend.

1. Your information:
Growth typically increase revenue by 40% with clients in 90 days.
2. Your sales and revenue targets with Growth 3 months from now
Growth typically increases revenue by 40% with clients in 90 days. (Forecasts based on clients who stayed more than 3 months).
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3. Your investment:
Our predictions are based on real, live, data collected from working on over 140 home improvement companies. All to give you accurate forecasts and revenue predictions.
4. Use Growth's fees
Our goal at Growth is to forge remarkable partnerships with the best home improvement companies, all with the goal of empowering home owners with great choice. For that reason we look to partner with clients for a long term basis, typically 12 months. The first 90 days however is a trial period. We take an upfront fee for the first 90 days + we take a performance based fee. We offer a profit-based full refund at 90 - if you have not made a profit in that time - you are entitled to ask for a full refund.

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