Scaling A Conservatory Roofing Company Scale To Over £250,000 Per Month Using Social Media

by Sam Darby · Updated Wednesday February 24, 2021



Scaling your home improvements business past 6-figures per month isn’t easy…

Scaling past a quarter of a million per month is even harder!

The 20 minute interview above details just how we did that with Elite Warm Roofs, an established conservatory roofing company based out of Milton Keynes.

(Yes it’s 20 minutes long, but trust me, it’s worth the time!)

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So, here’s a little overview of exactly how we made it happen!

Scaling to an average of one order per day!

Yep, you read that right, one order per day.

Throughout January and February (usually rather quiet months for this company) we were averaging at 1 order per day, which average between £10-20,000!

See below our sales tracking sheet to see just how crazy these sales were!

How were we able to do this?

Here’s how…

The formula for success

Elite Warm Roofs is an established home improvements company based our of Milton Keynes in the UK.

They had the following things nailed as a business…

  1. A great product
  2. A fair price
  3. Fantastic customer service
  4. A good sales team
  5. A great mindset (most important)

What didn’t they have?

(Well that’s where we came in)

A marketing system that spat out qualified leads every single day at the rate their sales teams needed them at!

They wouldn’t however, have had this much success if they didn’t have the first 5 very important areas covered within their business.

A fantastic roof system, a fair price, great customer service team always available to answer questions promptly and politely, a sales team who AREN’T pushy, and then lastly, understanding that it COSTS money to invest into advertising (but it pays)

Their advertising spend to date is around £7,000+

With around £5,000 being spent from January to February of 2021!

So, from just £5,000 invested into ads we were able to produce well over multiple 6 figures in sales (watch the video to hear the results in detail)

…and if you’re a home improvements business looking to grow!

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