£125,000 Of Roofing Leads Using Facebook Advertising (Our Exact Method!)

by Sam Darby · Updated Thursday May 21, 2020



£125,000 in new deals in May only from just £2,000 spent on Facebook ads…Yep! You read that right, and in this post we’re going to show you exactly how we achieved this, and how our construction clients are seeing 10-20x return on their investment with Facebook ads.

roofing leads

About Sunbright:

Sunbright Windows is a family run business and has been trading in Kent since 2005. They supply home improvements to homeowners in the South East. Their services include double glazing, conservatories, home extensions, solid roofs and door replacements.


The aim:

The goal was to generate sunbright enquiries in the form of low cost leads for home improvement jobs such as extensions, roofing leads and conservatories. During the UK lockdown the business took a hit and were in need a boost in new clients. 


The Campaign Goal:

The goal of the campaign was to generate new jobs for roof repairs & conservatories. We created a product-specific campaign and an offer that had two clear elements: 

  1. It was enough of an incentive for people to show an interest.
  2. There was a scarcity in the form of a deadline (i.e. before July) so people would take immediate action. 

How we optimised the funnel for maximum conversions

We wanted to maximise the back end conversions from this campaign, so in order to do this, we…

  1. Included email and text automated to send out to enquiries as soon as they opted-in, in order to increase the number of touchpoints with the user, and increase the call pickup rate.
  2. Ensured that the business salespeople were instantly notified of new leads so that they could follow up as soon as possible, whilst the lead was warm. 
  3. Track and measure all leads to ensure that the business was able to follow up, and follow back with any lost leads. 

roofing leads cost

Creating High Performing Facebook Ads

In order for us to generate these results, we needed to create high performing Facebook ads that would drive a high number of enquiries.

Below are the exact ‘on facebook’ stats from this campaign…

marketing for roofers

The Facebook ads were all focused around the A.I.D.A principle, something we often talk about in our Free Facebook Group!


We grab their attention by calling out the area (I.E. “Calling homeowners in the South East…”)


We peak their interest by talking about the service we are offering. In this instance talking more about roofs and roof repairs.


We create desire in the form of before / after photos and testimonials from happy clients.


We give a very clear call to action on the ad and landing page. You can see the Facebook ad that brought in the most enquiries below:

roofing leads

The highest performing Facebook ad was actually done as a Facebook post, where we used a collection of before/after photos of jobs. 

This brought the most enquiries at the best cost & quality when combined with the following landing page: 

roofer leads

The results:

1. Have generated over 113 home improvement/ roofing leads in May only, at £19.33 cost per enquiry with a 90% +pickup rate.

2. Generated 8 jobs, totalling £125,000 in total sales.

3. Have put the business in a position to scale.

If you’re looking to grow your Home Improvement business, don’t hesitate to get in contact below!

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