Turning Leads into Customers Using the 3 F’s

by Sam Darby · Updated Friday June 5, 2020




The 3 F’s: Follow up, Follow through, and Follow back was introduced by Ryan Serhant, who is a big property investor in the United States. These are simple steps that will help you close a lot more deals just by building a stronger relationship with your prospect. We have been using these strategies in our business for a long time and it has definitely helped us close more deals.

Let’s take a look at each step!

Follow up:

You should follow up with value, on a weekly or monthly basis with all of your prospects until one of the following things happen:

1. Your prospect tells you that they are not interested and ask you to stop contacting them.

2. They say they bought from somebody else.

3. They don’t respond at all.


Following through means always doing what you said you would do. Let’s say you told your prospect that you would send them a quote, you should make sure that the quote is delivered and that you get a response from them.

It comes down to the phrase that “go for no” which means ensuring that you get an answer from your lead whether it’s a no or a yes. You should have an answer from every lead that comes into your business, even if it takes you months to get a response. 

Follow back:

Following back is checking in with the prospects that said no the first time around or they didn’t respond. Just because a prospect didn’t say yes the first time, doesn’t mean that they’re never going to come back again or that they are never going to become a customer. 

So following back, is about putting a reminder in your calendar to follow back with a certain prospect after a few months.

You would be surprised how many the clients in our agency said no to us the first time around, but few months down the line, they became a customer because our systems are so good at following up.

These steps have proven to work for many businesses. You too should give it a try and see for yourself!



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