10 Ways To Generate More Construction Leads

by Beth Whittaker · Updated Monday August 24, 2020


Construction companies often rely heavily on word of mouth to gain leads, but what else can you do to gain leads and grow your business?

There are a wide range of potential strategies construction companies could use to bring in new leads so we’ve compiled 12 of the best ones below. Using this blog you’ll hopefully know how to get construction leads using a range of methods which you can then implement into your business.

1. Create Goals

While setting goals isn’t going to covert directly into leads, it’s a vital part of the process. To drive your business forward you should have a clear plan for your marketing and sales. What do you want to achieve? More sales? More calls? A wider reach? By knowing these goals you can adapt your marketing strategies to make sure you reach them and drive you forward to motivate you to achieve these results.

Make sure you monitor each part of your sales process so that you know if you are getting the best results possible. By doing so, you will know if you need to change your strategies and refine your approach so that you are making the most out of your pipeline in order to gain the construction leads you are after to reach your goals.

2. Understand Your Audience and What They Want

You can’t attract the business of everyone so you’re much better off deciding who you want as your target audience and future customers.

In the same way creating goals won’t make you direct leads, neither will defining your target audience. However, knowing this and understanding who your audience is and what they want will make all of your marketing and advertising efforts easier and more effective.

Getting to know your customers includes knowing factors such as:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Income

Once you know who you’re aiming to attract as customers you can adjust your marketing efforts to make them as impactful as possible. You can do this by tailoring the type of advertising you use, altering where you place these adverts and ensuring that you offer the kind of services that they’re looking for.

Spending some time getting to know your customers will be hugely worthwhile as it will make all of your other marketing efforts easier and more effective so make sure you don’t skip this part.

3. Specialise- be an expert

Rather than offering a wide range of service at a mediocre level, you’re much more likely to be successful if you specialise in one area of the industry and are able to position yourself as experts in your field. Doing so expands your credibility and trust and puts you as the go to company.

You can help position yourself as an expert by generating content that is specific for your market, this can include blogs, emails and social media posts. Doing so shows off your expertise and makes you the go to company. Creating this content also makes it easier for potential clients to connect with the services you offer and choose you to undertake their construction project.

Having this specialised focus also enables your business to focus on the clients and projects that are most rewarding and profitable for you (as well as the most enjoyable).

You’re much more likely to get clients if you can show them that the past jobs you’ve done are the same as the job that they want doing and that you specialise in that area. This gives customers confidence that you know what you’re doing and will be able to offer them a good service. A company that specialises in window fitting and has a good history to show for this is much more likely to get a customer’s confidence and business for new windows that a jack of all trades who hasn’t done a window fitting in the past year.

As a result of this, specialising is a great way to create new leads for your construction company.

4. Create a Good Website

Your website may be the first experience potential customer have of your business. This means it’s vital that you have a good, professional website in order to generate leads.

Use a good layout that make it easy to use and reflects the best part of business. Make sure it’s also easy for visitors to contact you by displaying your contact information prominently on the page.

Your website is also an important place to show of your skills and reviews. Include pictures and case studies of previous projects so that visitors can clearly see the type of work you are capable of. Make sure you also have plenty of reviews from previous clients on display as well so that you can reassure potential customers that the work you do it well received by others and that you will give them the same level of standard.

It’s all well and good having a good website, but in order to generate those new construction leads your customers need to be able to find it. This is where SEO comes in. If you’re not in the top 3 search results, then you’ve already lost a large proportion of potential customers. It’s therefore vital that your tailor your website to make it search engine friendly.

If you decide to get an external company to do your web design make sure you look into how they plan to improve your SEO as in the same way construction can be done in a low-value, low-quality way, there are many web design companies that are selling low-quality websites. So, make sure you don’t go cheap and end up with a poor, low ranking, website. Instead make sure you spend the time (and money) on developing a website that will generate good traffic to your website that can be converted into leads.

There are many ways to make a website more SEO friendly including:

  • Having a good loading speed
  • Using key words and phrases
  • Posting relevant and up to date content
  • Having a blog

There are lots of resources out there to help you improve the SEO of your website so it’s well worth doing some research and putting some time into this.

5. Utilise Social Media

Social media is a great way to get more leads for your construction company. This can be done in a number of ways, through your own social media pages, community message boards and social media advertising.

By creating your own social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, or any other platforms, you can actively engage with customers and become part of the conversation. You can share tips, project ideas and trends related to your business and let customers know how you can help them with their next construction project. By doing so, you can bring in leads by getting you name known, as well as developing a trusting relationship with potential clients and showing off your skills and knowledge.

Social media community message boards can be a really great way to create local leads. Join message boards in the areas you cover to promote your services in these specific locations. People regularly post on community message boards to ask advice from others on who they would recommend for certain construction projects. So, if you are able to speak up about your business when people are making these inquiries, you can place your business at the front of the mind of people who are actively looking for construction companies. Doing so, will bring in leads in no time (and has the advantage of being located where you want!).

Social media is also a great place to advertise your business. We see 1000’s of advertisements on social media every day, so by making your business one of these you have the potential to reach a large number of prospective customers and create leads. You can use these adverts to not only get your construction company at the front of people’s minds, but it’s also a great way to gain their information without them ever having to leave the site. Through systems such as funnel links you can gain email addresses from interested potential clients which you can then use to contact them and convert their interest into business.

Social media advertising is something you may feel able to do yourself, but this is also something that it can be worth getting a marketing agency to help you out with. It’s important to get these adverts right in order to get the most out of them, so by asking a marketing agency for help they can make sure you’re gaining the most from every advert, and you are likely to get your money back and more in new leads.

If you want to know more about how this works get in contact with us and we’ll be more than willing to answer any questions and help your construction company grow.

6. Email Newsletter

An email newsletter can help to generate a number of new leads. It not only helps you to stay in contact with people you have previously done work for, but also can help convert customers who are interested in you but are yet to make the commitment.

By sending relevant updates to previous clients, such as the latest trends or projects you have recently finished, you can remind them of the range of services you offer. Doing so may prompt them to get started on work they have been considering for a while or give them ideas on other projects they could undertake (with your help!). With your email having started this they are likely to get in contact with you to see if you can provide the service they need, and as they’re already happy customer of yours they will already have the confidence and trust in your business.

Email newsletters can also be very helpful when contacting potential clients who have registered an interest with you before, hence why you have their email address, but who are yet to commit to any work. Emailing them to pass along helpful tips, project ideas and trends in your field will keep your business in their mind so when they do commit to undertaking a project you will hopefully be the first people they contact.

7. Ask For Reviews and Referrals

People trust business that have reviews. That may sound obvious but it’s important for you to remember as it’s a free and easy way to create more leads.

Having up to date reviews accessible for potential clients, whether that be on your website, in emails or on review websites, is vital to get new leads.

When you complete a job make sure you ask for a review so that future customers can see real testimonials of your work when they are considering you for their construction projects. Seeing good reviews from people like them will help give potential clients the confidence to commit.

People are even more likely to trust your company if a friend or family member has recommended you to them so don’t be shy to ask customers for referrals and you can even offer incentives, such as a discount or free quotation for doing so. This again in another great way to get free leads as it gives potential clients the confidence to trust you with their construction project, over your competitors.

8. Network In Your Community

People often want to use a local trusted company for their construction company, so networking and getting your business known in your community is a great way to get new leads. This can be as simple as putting up business card in local shops, joining Facebook community pages as previously mentioned, or, if you have the time, getting involved in community projects. This not only helps others but also shows the values of your company, showing you’re willing to help your local community. Getting yourself known in this way is a great way to create new leads with community members trusting you and wanting to support you after the good work you have done in their community.

You may also wish to include door to door strategies in this. While this can be time consuming it’s a good way to get your business known. But make sure people don’t feel like they are being harassed for business, simply drop off a leaflet detailing the sort of work you could do for them so that they know your name and have your contact details when they do decide to undertake a construction project.

9. Advertise

Another great way to get your business seen and create leads is advertising. Once you know your niche you can target your advertisements towards your specific target audience and locations.

While you can do this yourself, it’s likely that you’ll want to get someone else to help you to do this. An advertising agency will be able to quickly make effective advertisements for you and be able to dedicate the time to make sure they’re creating as many leads as possible.

There are many different ways to advertise from billboards, to social media to radio and event sponsorship. So, work out which will be most effective on your target audience and utilise that. There’s no point paying to advertise on the website of a letting agency in Cornwall when you’re targeting homeowners in London.

Different agencies will be able to help you out with different advertisement areas so make sure you find one that specialising in the area of advertisement you’re after. But don’t just chose the first company that you find. It’s important to spend a bit of time deciding which marketing agency is right for your business as you want the company that’s going to be most effective and create you the leads you want. Use our guide on helping to find the right marketing agency to help you do this.

While this may seem a more costly option it’s likely to give the greatest return on investment. When done right advertisements can have a big impact on lead creation, and quickly so it’s definitely an option you should be considering.

10. Show Off Your Projects

In the same way reviews help someone to trust your business, case studies of previous work also do. If prospective customers are able to see the quality of your work and get a good idea of the type of work you’re able to do, they’re much more likely to trust you to do work for them. So by having case studies readily available and simple to find you can easily build up confidence in your business.

When creating your case studies remember that people have short attention spans so you need to make sure you get their attention while you can. This is were visual content can be powerful. Be sure to include plenty of images showing the progress of projects you undertake, including before and after images and you can even use time-lapse videos and other visual representations to show the work you can do.

Having case studies like that and showing potential customers what you can do for them can help create leads as you give customers the confidence that you can undertake their project and provide them with a good quality of service. We have an example case study if you want to know more about the sort of thing to include.



However, there may be times where hiring a professional is worthwhile, such as for advertisement creation, social media adverts and funnels and SEO advice. Hiring the right agency at the right time will be worth the initial cost and will see a return on investment through the creation of new leads.

Feel free to get in contact with us if you want further advice on how to utilise social media adverts to create more leads, we’re here to help and want to see your business grow!

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