7 Questions Construction Companies Should Ask Marketing Agencies

by Beth Whittaker · Updated Monday August 24, 2020


Finding and selecting a marketing agency for your construction company can be a time-consuming process. But a process that is important to get right. So how do you choose the right marketing agency for you? And how do you know they’re going to fulfil everything they promise?

Here are 7 questions that marketing agencies often don’t want to answer but are crucial to finding, and choosing, a good marketing agency for your construction company.

1. Can I Speak To Your Customers?

If you think you’ve found a good marketing agency that meets all of your needs, but want to be completely sure, there’s nothing better than talking to the people they’ve worked with before. Good agencies will be more than happy to put you in touch with a client to discuss their experience or will point you in the direction of feedback and case studies that show previous customer experiences (this is a good case study example). Seeing these will help you to know if, and how, they will be able to create leads for your construction company.

If they’re not willing to do this, or hide their reviews, it’s a huge red flag. It suggests either a lack of experience or worse, that previous customers have not been happy with their work.

A business without reviews isn’t a business we would trust, would you?

2. Can You Show Me Results In My Industry?

By seeing the results of previous marketing strategies for construction companies you will be able to judge how successful the agency is at marketing businesses within your industry and if it’s worth spending your money on.

If you’re looking into the previous work done by an agency and notice that all their work is focused within the cosmetics industry, but you own a construction company, it’s worth being aware. 

A lack of experience in your industry isn’t necessarily a bad thing, a good marketing agency is likely to be able to successfully apply skills learnt and used in other industries to market your construction company. But this is a factor worth taking into consideration. If the agency is unable to demonstrate previous success in your industry, they can’t guarantee success for your business.

If they do lack this experience but you are impressed with the rest of their work, it can be worth finding out how they will gain knowledge about your industry and how they will use that to create successful marketing campaigns.

Similarly, some agencies claim to specialise in a large range of industries but there are advantages of using an agency that specialise in marketing for construction companies. It’s a bit like a construction company saying they are experts in windows, conservatories, roofs, extensions, renovations, landscaping… you get the idea. Who are you going to trust more? An agency who specialises in your field? Or a jack of all trades?

It’s therefore always a positive thing to see previous experience within your specific industry, or better still, opt for an agency that specialises in your industry, or is even exclusive to your sector!

3. Do You Have Clients In My Industry I Can Speak To? 

If a marketing agency does have previous experience in your industry its always worth asking to speak to these customers, particularly if their experience is limited. As mentioned previously, speaking to past customers is the best way to gauge the success of a marketing agency.

A marketing agency may have been successful at creating leads for other industries so may guide you towards good reviews from others, but these reviews mean nothing if they were unable to help other clients within the construction industry.

By specifically asking to speak to previous construction clients you can gain an understanding of whether the marketing agency knows your industry and what is needed to make a successful marketing strategy that will create leads for a construction company.

Knowing if previous clients were satisfied and gained from working with an agency will help you decide if the the agency and their marketing strategies will benefit your business.

4. Tell Me About My Customers?

For a marketing agency to make successful leads for you, they need to understand who your audience is. Understanding your customer base is extremely important to develop a successful marketing strategy. How are they going to attract your customers if they don’t know who they are?

By asking this question you are able to find out how well the marketing agency understands your construction company and knows your customer base. Knowing these will help you to make an informed decision on whether the agency will be able to make the best marketing strategy for you and benefit your business.

5. Are There Any Contracts?

Knowing if a company ties you into a contract is crucial. What happens if you’re committed to paying long term but not seeing any leads? Or do you believe that it is worth committing to a marketing agency if it will return the results you want?

The decisions to commit to a contract is an individual one and there is no right or wrong. Some may prefer to test the agency over a short time scale and then sign a contract once you’re satisfied, while others may wish to avoid signing a contract at all.

For this reason, it’s important to know if the company uses contracts and what flexibility they offer around these at the beginning of your decision-making process. By doing so, you can make sure you find the marketing company that is the best fit for you and your construction company.

6. What Do You Expect My Cost Per Acquisition To Be?

The cost of marketing is always important, particularly if you’re on a smaller budget. It’s therefore vital to know what costs will be involved and how this will lead to paying customers. Asking what the expected cost per acquisition is will help you to budget, as well as compare different marketing agencies to find the best one for you.

It’s also worth asking what will happen if this cost per acquisition isn’t being met and you’re not gaining the leads expected. Marketing will not always get you results instantly. It can often become a long-term strategy that takes time to see results.

However, some marketing agencies, and the strategies they use, may simply not be right for your business. If this is the case, it is important to know what will happen if you are not getting the leads or cost per acquisition that you wanted.

Knowing how an agency will handle this situation is a vital part of choosing a marketing agency so that you’re not spending time and money on marketing that’s not getting you results. For example, some agencies, such as Growth, offer a money back guarantee where if you’re not happy, you can rethink the strategy or end your work with them.

A good agency will be willing to make changes and work with you to ensure you find a strategy that creates you leads and meets your expected cost per acquisition.

7. Are You Going To Run Conversion Campaigns?

Getting clicks on your page is one thing but converting them into paid customers is another. It’s vital to find out if:

a) the marketing agency plans to do this using conversion campaigns (this is why you’re paying for marketing after all) and;

b) how they will do it.

By asking a marketing agency this question you can understand how they plan to create new leads for you, rather than just posting advertisements that don’t lead to new customers. It’s even better if they can show examples of where those strategies have been successful for construction companies previously.

You want an agency that not only understands your business but wants to work with you for the benefit of your business, prioritising your interests and growth, rather than solely focusing upon their own profits.

Don’t get us wrong, a cheap, no-frills, low-cost marketing agency can be a good chance to dip your toe in the water and you can have some good results – but be wary of being scorned and forever against the idea of paying an agency for marketing assistance.

To try and prevent spending money on marketing that doesn’t get you results, use these questions to help identify if a marketing agency is right for your construction company. By putting them in the hot seat and asking the questions they may not want to hear, it will highlight which businesses will put you first and create the leads that you’re after. So get asking!

Feel free to test out any of these questions on us or get in contact if you want any more information on how to find the right marketing agency for your construction company.

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