Why Should A Construction Company Use a Marketing Agency?

by Beth Whittaker · Updated Monday August 24, 2020


Having a marketing strategy is vital to the success and growth of your construction business. It engages customers, boosts sales, and maintains business relationships. But what’s the best way to put it into place? Is hiring a marketing agency the way forward? Or should you try do it yourself?

When we speak to construction companies about their marketing opportunities, we frequently get asked why they should pay us to do their marketing and not do it themselves? Because really, how hard can it be?

Hopefully, this will help to explain the advantages of using a marketing agency to get construction leads, over the option of  in-house marketing, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing strategy.


There are over 6 million active advertisers on Facebook. Would you know how to make your business stand out?

The chances are, probably not. This is something that is gained from experience and knowledge, both things that a marketing agency can offer you.

A good marketing agency will have worked with various clients and have experience creating marketing strategies within your industry. They will have put methods into practice, tested out what does and doesn’t work and know how to get your customer’s attention.

So by choosing to use a marketing agency, your business will benefit from this experience. They can use the knowledge they have gained from previous work and successes and apply it to your business, ensuring you have the best marketing strategy for your construction company.

This experience also has the ability to save you time and money. A marketing agency will already have the good ideas to make the marketing effective almost immediately, rather than you having to go through the time consuming process of testing out a number of strategies before finding the one that works.

Using a marketing agency is also able to save time through solving potential problems. Rather than wasting time trying to work out why an advert doesn’t seem to be effective; they will know why it’s not working and be able to rectify it. Or hopefully never create the problem to begin with!

Their teams are trained and have experience in carrying strategies for businesses like yours. This means that they’ll understand methods for inbound strategies, be confident in choosing a successful strategy and be able to create successful leads for you. This is their specialism after all.

In the same way you’d trust a doctor to undertake surgery, or an accountant to handle complicated accounts, you want your marketing strategy to be handled by someone who knows what they’re doing. So using a marketing agency is not only good for your business, but also your peace of mind.

They can save you cost and time

As previously mentioned, using a marketing agency can save you both time and money.

In order to do in-house marketing you are likely to need to expand your work force which comes with all the related costs. So, by using a marketing agency instead of paying for the hiring process, a salary, benefits, office costs, equipment, management etc. you simply pay a single fee. This can be particularly cost effective, especially for smaller businesses, as you have access to a full team of professionals, no matter the size of your business or marketing strategy.

Alongside this, another benefit of using an agency is that you don’t have to commit to them long term in the same way you would an employee. You can pay the agency on a short-term basis and end your work with them if you feel their services are no longer required.

As previously mentioned, by using a marketing agency you are also likely to save time. Rather than having to recruit, choose and train staff, you simply need to choose one agency over the others (we know this isn’t always as easy as it sounds but its certainly a lot simpler than undergoing the hiring process).

They will also have more time to commit to your marketing strategy, rather than balancing this among other business requirements. This means that they are likely to produce effective results sooner than if you were doing the marketing on your own. They also have the tools and technology to further speed up this process.

It’s also worth considering that a marketing agency is unlikely to end its work with you while you still want and need them. But in-house marketing staff may choose to move on, creating new costs while you undertake the often time consuming process of finding someone to replace them. This means there is less risk associated with hiring an agency to do the work.

Specialist knowledge

Unlike you, marketing is their business. They know what does and doesn’t work, they know how to create the best marketing materials and they know the best way to reach your customers. This specialist knowledge has the potential to hugely benefit your marketing efforts.

This means you get more than simply an advert for your money. The skills that are accessible to you for a single fee makes using a marketing agency worthwhile.

They can provide experts in a range of marketing areas, such as expert content writers, SEO experts, social media professional and graphic designers, that can prove the important extra details that add to you marketing. These details can make all the difference but without the marketing knowledge they may otherwise be forgotten.

They also have access to, and the skills to use, the latest technology and marketing tools. Their knowledge of these helps to reduce the chance of errors, creates effective marketing and reduces costs and time.

In order to have access to all these skills in-house it is likely to require a marketing team, which can be expensive when ensuring all the skills and specialities are covered by your employees. As well as the technology costs to ensure they have access to the correct software’s and tools.


A marketing agency is likely to be able to create and input a marketing strategy more efficiently. This is due to their experience, knowledge and skills, as mentioned, meaning they are able to create successful strategies more efficiently then you are likely to be able to do in-house. Your in-house team may take months to get trained on new software and methodologies before they are able to even begin to create a marketing strategy, by which time, a marketing agency will have been able to implement a strategy and be getting you results.

If you choose not to hire someone to specialise in your marketing and divvy the work out among existing staff, this may have a number of negative impacts. Marketing can be a very time consuming task and requires a lot of attention. This attention may not be given if staff are trying to focus on other work, or may divert their attention away from other important work, reducing its quality. It may also impact staff moral if it puts them under too much pressure, reducing the overall efficiency of your business.

Scaling up or down marketing efforts

If your marketing strategy is going well but you want to scale it up, or maybe you need to temporary scale it down due to seasonality, or any other reason, its much easier to do so with an agency. You simply have to pick up the phone.

They are much more likely to have the capacity to make these changes more quickly, being able to scale up you marketing almost immediately. If marketing is being done in house, it is likely to be much harder to scale up efforts as is may require an expansion of the marketing team, with you having to undertake time consuming recruitment and training in order expand your in-house marketing capacity, by which time you may no longer need it.

On the other hand, if you need to scale you marketing down, using a marketing agency will save  you from having to lay off staff that are no longer needed.

Benefit from outside perspective

A marketing agency is able to offer an outside perspective of your marketing strategies, they can notice what’s working well, what’s not working and offer fresh ideas. They are also able to make these observations without being bias.

As it’s not their company and they want your marketing strategy to work, they are likely to be much more realistic about whether ideas are good or not. If there is something you believe displays your business well, but may not be the best marketing strategy, they will tell you and make you aware of how you could improve it, rather than you pursuing an unsuccessful strategy as a result of investing your money and time into it.

Remember, they’ve already solved many of the issues you may come across. They will be able to use their experience to help create a successful marketing strategy for your business by using the external perspective to help you solve marketing issues in new, insightful ways.

They have happy clients in your industry

This one goes without saying, but by using a marketing agency that has good reviews you know its worth doing. If you can see that they have done successful work for previous construction clients you can feel confident that they will be able to use the skills and knowledge they have previously gained to make the perfect marketing strategy for you. This saves time, money and effort for you, rather than you testing out what does and don’t work.

For example, do you know how to target specific customers on Facebook? Do you know how to turn page visits into paying customers? By having happy customers in your industry, it shows that marketing agencies do!

While it’s not impossible to carry out successful in-house marketing strategies, it’s not always the best option, particularly for small and medium sized businesses. Using a marketing agency has a number of advantages for construction companies, like yours, from improving efficiency, saving time and cost to simply providing the best marketing strategies for your business.

If you decide that using a marketing agency is the best way to market your business, it’s important to make sure you find the right one for you and make it worthwhile. Use these questions to help ensure you pick the best one for your business.

If you’re still unsure what is the best way to implement your marketing strategy feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have. We are always happy to help!

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